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MRI Technician Salary

MRI Technician salaries vary depending on your level of experience, geographic location, and type of employer. Since MRI Tech's usually require additional training above and beyond the standard RT curriculum, they possess a greater level of knowledge and specialization. Because of this finer degree of specialization and skill, MRI tech salary tends to be higher than Radiologic Tech's or X-Ray Tech's. The median national average salary for MRI Technicians is $61,928, which is about $10,000 on average higher than a standard RT. Keep in mind that most MRI tech's were RT's for a time, then received additional training, usually in the form of a certificate program.

MRI Tech Salary At A Glance

Radiology job Low Median High
MRI Technician $48,371 $61,928 $83,638

*data from American Medical Association &indeed.com

MRI Technician Salary Compared to Related Healthcare Positions

Below you will see that MRI Technologist salary is generally higher than other related fields in the allied health professions; however Ultrasound Tech's are in a similar scale and this is due to the greater level of specialization and skill required to perform these job functions. Keep in mind that those at the lower end of the scale are most likely entry level employees, while those at the top usually have a greater amount of tenure and experience or live in a geographic region will a higher standard of living and wage scale.

Position Low Median High
MRI Technician $48,371 $61,928 $83,638
Ultrasound Technician $40,960 $67,670 $77,520
Radiologic Technologist $41,612 $52,336 $81,136
Medical Asst w/ Limited X-Ray $29,000 $38,000 $47,000
Phlebotomist $24,315 $26,717 $29,120

*data from American Medical Association &indeed.com

MRI Salaries In Major Metro Areas

The following table is a sample of average annual MRI Tech salaries in major metropolitan areas of the country. As usual, the New York and Los Angeles metro areas tend to pay the highest salaries. The MRI salary in Texas is considered high in relation to the cost of living in that region.

Metro Area
Average MRI Salary
New York, NY
Los Angeles, CA
Houston, TX
Tampa, FL
Philadelphia, PA

*data from American Medical Association & indeed.com

Finding Schools Offering MRI Programs

In order to be eligible for an MRI program, you will first need to complete an associates degree and become a certified Radiologic Technologist. MRI Tech's are a branch of radiology with a concentration on the specific skills and techniques associated with Magnetic Resonance Technology. The usual path is to complete the Rad Tech program, then, in addition, complete a MRI certificate program. Visit our radiology schools page to see a full list of schools offering medical imaging degrees and certificates.

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