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Radiology Masters Degree

A radiology masters degree is a usually pursued by those who are seeking high level positions such as management roles or Radiologist Assistant positions. A Radiologist Assistant (RA) is a senior Radiologic Technologist who works closely with a Radiologist M.D. to perform advanced imaging tasks such as invasive procedures. The Radiologist Assistant position is the highest level one can reach short of being a Radiologist physician with M.D. status and salaries for this positions are usually double that of Radiologic Technologists. Because there is a national crisis with the lack of Radiologists physicians, those who complete a masters degree have very few problems securing a job immediately out of school.

We are currently featuring Quinnipiac University for their radiology masters degree program which is specifically designed for individuals who are seeking a Radiologist Assistant designation. The program is one of only six in the country offering such a program that is tailored for this position. The faculty at Quinnipiac consists of medical doctors, radiologists, pharmacologists, and physicists among others. Their expertise in the field covers virtually every aspect of the requirements of this job including patient care, advanced imaging modalities, management, anatomy, and more. If you are currently a Radiologic Technologists and you feel it is time to take it to the next level, a masters degree could be the educational vehicle to take your career to new heights. To learn more, request information directly from the school below.

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