Digital Mammography - Quick, Easy, & Accurate

Digital mammography is the best and latest in screening tools to detect early breast cancer according to a recent article in Health Quest magazine. While the mammogram controversy continues on, I have heard very little about how technology has made the exam faster and more accurate. Early detection of breast cancer can be attributed to a decrease in breast cancer deaths and digital mammography may be helpful in the need to stop so many false positive diagnoses'. If the need to cut down on false positive's is central to the argument, maybe digital technology can benefit.

Diagnostic tools for detection like MRI (magnectic resonance imaging) produce a very thorough exam for at-risk patients. The latest evolution is MRI breast coil technology. It allows a detailed view of the breast by gathering 1,000 images of the tissue simultaneously. This is done by a specially trained radiology professional. Breast signal receivers or coils surround the breast transforming it into digital images viewed by a computer. Images are taken before and after of a contrast material to provide a detailed composition of the tissues and map of blood flow within the breast. This further enhances the images and reduces the time required for the exam. It also is much more comfortable than the regular mammogram. Doctors who have used the technology tout it as highly accurate compared to its predecessor. Also, in digital mammography, the images can be adjusted and enhanced after the fact, which can help the physician zoom in on areas of interest.

Maybe new and highly accurate digital technology will solve the problem of so many misdiagnosed cases and decrease the need for further testing. If cost is the issue, perhaps a highly accurate initial scan is the answer.

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