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RAPID ARCH RADIATION THERAPY: Cutting Edge Cancer Treatment

According to Cyberknife Long Island Radiation Therapy, rapid arch radiotherapy technology is a new approach to image-guided intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IGRT/IMRT) that delivers precise treatments in shorter times than conventional IMRT. The way the treatment works is that it delivers

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What Does an X-RAY TECHNICIAN DO? X-Ray Jobs in a Nutshell.

X-Ray Technicians play a vital role in the diagnostic aspect of health care. An X-Ray Technician is a trained health care worker with specific skills in the operation of x-ray equipment, positioning patients, and taking pictures of the inside

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GE is calling their Vscan the stethoscope of the 21st century. Vscan is portable as a cell phone and supposedly as powerful as a large ultrasound console. This remains to be seen. It can be used to look inside

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What is Nuclear Medicine?

Why is it called Nuclear Medicine? Because it refers to a pharmaceutical that, once in the body, becomes attached to a small quantity of radioactive material (a radio-isotope) which then goes through a process of radioactive decay. The way

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