What is a Radiologist Assistant?

Radiologist AssistantThe Radiologist Assistant (R.A.) has been added recently as a unique position with it's own specific education and certification standards set by the ARRT. A Radiologist Assistant is not a doctor, but considered the most advanced radiology position you can obtain short of being an actual Radiologist Physician.

To become an RA you must complete a radiology masters degree program and pass an ARRT exam designed specifically for the RA position. One of the schools that offers a Radiologist Assistant program is Quinnipiac University.

Radiologist Assistant Job Descriptions include working closely with a physician in a high level role, performing advanced techniques to diagnose illness. Radiologists have knowledge in multiple image modalities with an advanced level of knowledge of anatomy, technique, and radiographic physics. The Radiologist Assistant works under the supervision of a Radiologist M.D. by assisting the Radiologist in the diognostic imaging environment. The R.A. is a valuable addition to the radiology team by performing advanced level radilogical services under the supervision of a radiologist, freeing up the time of the physician.

Radiologist Assistants have the highest salaries of all the radiology positions with exception of the Radiologist M.D.'s. Radiologist Salary Outlook : Low-$90,076 Medium - $102,972 High - $112,615 .

There has been an ongoing shortage of Radiologist MD's which has been of great concern. In order to alleviate the effects of the heavy work load the position of Radiologist Assistant had been added by the ARRT.

The demand for skilled R.A.'s is very high and will continue to be high untill the shortage of Radiologists can be filled. Their has never been a better time to find positions paying over 100k per year in the field of radiology. It is not only a rewarding experience, but one that will take your career and salary level to significantly greater heights.

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