Picking the Best Radiology Schools

Wondering how to go about picking the best radiology schools? Finding the best radiology school starts with a clear picture of what your career road map looks like in the world of medical imaging. Are you simply looking to get your foot in the door at a diagnostic imaging lab or radiology unit of a local hospital or do you want to become certified as a Radiologic Technologist also known as a Rad Tech? The difference between being certified and lacking certification is great. When you choose a radiology school you’ve got to be sure that it will prepare you to be a certified Rad Tech if this is the path you have chosen. Some schools may not qualify you to take the exam to be certified, so doing some homework is always a good idea.

The Joint Review Committee on Education for Radiologic Technologists (JRCERT) is the accrediting body for radiology schools across the country. In order to become a Rad Tech, you will want to choose a school that is on JRCERT’s list of accredited programs and institutions. If you complete a certificate or degree from a program not on the their list, you may be faced with denial of the ability to take the exam required to become a certified Rad Tech administered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT). So, picking radiology schools that are recognized by JRCERT is important if you want to be certified.

When picking a radiology school, take your time interviewing school representatives from multiple institutions. Sites such as this one allow you to request information by filling out simple forms. These forms are then sent to school representatives who will contact you and provide you with specific information about the nature and scope of their programs. Ask questions about the rate of students graduating who pass the ARRT exam. This is a good indication of whether or not the program sufficiently prepares their students for success after graduation. Also, find out who the instructors are and what their credentials consist of? Does the school provide an externship after the classroom work? Does the facility have actual radiology equipment that you will be able to practice with?

In general, be sure the radiology school you are about to enroll in is going to give you what you need to be successful and get into this rewarding career with your best foot forward.

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