New Years Resolutions - How About A Career in Medical Imaging?

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It is that time when we tend to reflect on the past year and begin thinking about the future with a fresh mind, and a sense of new beginnings. If you are reading this blog, you have probably entertained the idea of pursing a career in medical imaging. If you are currently in the field, you may be thinking of ways to take your career to new heights in the coming year. I say, Go For It!


It is no accident that medical imaging careers, including radiology, ultrasound, MRI, and all related imaging careers have become so popular. First and foremost, it is rewarding work. Patients are getting a diagnostic image because they or their doctor may fear that something is wrong. As a medical imaging technician, you are there to comfort them and get the best possible image in order to assist the physician with diagnosis. You are a part of their healing process. This job involves compassion and patience for individuals who may be in highly stressful situations. They may be attempting to find out if a lump that has been bothering them is cancerous or a suspected sprain is something more complex. As a diagnostic imaging specialist you get to be a part of that rewarding feeling of assisting people with their healing process.

Another reason to pursue a career in medical imaging is because the amount of time required for education and training is very little compared to many other professions. We’re in a time of economic uncertainty where unprecedented amounts of people have been laid off with an extremely competitive job market. Many are choosing to use this as an opportunity to take their careers in a new direction. Some have been able to complete their entire training and education while collecting unemployment and are ready to step into the diagnostic imaging workforce. The short time it takes to get this career started is a major motivating factor.

Lastly, I must remind everyone that medical imaging is a career with unlimited growth potential and many avenues to pursue. Those who start their career as an entry level x-ray technician will find that opportunities will present themselves after only a short duration on the job. You may find yourself being cross-trained in mammography, computed tomography, or MRI. This is just the start of many possibilities in medical imaging careers.

So, if you’re pondering a radiology career or one of many in medical imaging as your new year’s resolution, I say Do It!

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