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5 Pennsylvania Radiology Schools to Consider

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5 Must-Visit Radiology Schools Along the California Coast

Take a virtual tour of the California coast and five radiology schools that call it home.

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Bone density scans: how they work and why they matter

The simple, noninvasive procedure helps protect against osteoporosis and fracture.

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The relatively simple science behind ultrasound

Sonography machines may look complicated and high-tech, but the truth is they're actually fairly easy to understand. Find out how ultrasound works and how ultrasound technicians use it in the clinical environment.

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Radiographer or Radiologist?

The field of radiography can be a great choice for those who want to work in health care. However, there is more than one way to enter into the field of radiology. Find out the difference between a radiographer and

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Radiology group forms first-ever patient safety organization in radiology

A group of radiologists and medical administrators have taken steps toward formal certification for the first patient safety organization for radiology procedures. Learn more about this milestone and what it means for radiology patient care nationwide.

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Why sonography matters to preventative medicine

It is always better to spot small problems before they become serious health scares. Sonography takes an important role in preventative medicine by catching medical issues early.

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