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The Field of Radiology & Choosing Radiologic Schools For Beginners

Trying to figure out which radiologic schools are going to get you the job you want?  Before you choose a school, you must first understand what the requirements are to get a job in radiology.  This article is speaking to those of you who know very little about radiologic careers and will hopefully get you on the right track.  The radiologic sciences can be overwhelming from the outside looking in.  Do I want to do MRI’s, Ultrasound’s, and what’s this nuclear medicine stuff?  Let’s get you acquainted with the basics of radiology careers and school options.

First, you need to determine what it is about medical imaging that interests you.  Typically, the type of person that enters into a radiology career is passionate about being a part of the healing process and is intrigued by the idea of looking into the human body in three dimensional technicolor to finding diseases and ailments.

Understand Your Options When Choosing  Radiologic Schools

Radiology careers are typically divided into three main branches of practice.  The first branch is general radiography.  Most radiologic schools offer programs for general radiography or x-ray technician training.  This is the use of x-ray technology to image the body to find things like broken bones, tumors, and diseases.  If you want to be able to perform basic x-ray’s, you might want to check out some of the radiology certificate programs and associates degrees that will provide you with the level of education and skill you will need to get certified through the ARRT, licensed with your state radiation safety department, and get a job as an entry level x-ray technician. 

Find Radiologic Schools That Will Prepare You For Certification

If you want to gain the title of Radiologic Technologist, or RT, or Rad Tech, as it is referred to, you will need to get an associates degree in radiologic technology and attend a radiologic school that is accredited through JCERT.  Then, you can take the ARRT exam, get licensed through the state you live and work in, and become an RT.  RT’s generally get higher salaries than general x-ray tech’s and have greater opportunity to learn additional imaging techniques and work your way up the radiology ladder.

Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, & Other Paths in Radiology

If you want to learn the art of Ultrasound or Nuclear Medicine, you will need to get additional training.  Maybe you know for sure that your calling  in the medical imaging  world is Nuclear Medicine or Sonography.  If this is the case, you can simply start by getting an associates of applied science in sonography or nuclear medicine and getting certified. To become a Radiologic Tech, you will need to request information from radiologic schools that will prepare you for certification and licensing in your state.  Happy school hunting!

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