Rapid Arch Radiation Therapy: Cutting Edge Cancer Treatment

According to Cyberknife Long Island Radiation Therapy, rapid arch radiotherapy technology is a new approach to image-guided intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IGRT/IMRT) that delivers precise treatments in shorter times than conventional IMRT. The way the treatment works is that it delivers treatments using a varian linear accelerator, outfitted with an onboard Image System and Cone Beam CT (CBCT) for using images to guide patient placement and treatment delivery. The linear accelerator rotates around the patient to deliver radiation treatments from nearly any angle. During the treatment radiation is shaped and reshaped as it is delivered continuously from every angle in a 360-degree revolution around the patient.

Like other radiation therapies, the treatments are planned using sophisticated computer programs that analyze diagnostic image data and calculate the best way of delivering the radiation dose to minimize impact on healthy tissues for each patient. There is a need for a variety of specialists working together, including nuclear medicine technologists to help administer the radiation doses, Radiology Tech’s such as a CT Tech to monitor the progress, and of course radiation therapists to carry out the procedures.

The Process

Prior to treatment, the exact location, size, and shape of the tumor is visualy observed by a simple 2 minute imaging procedure using the machines on-board imager or Cone Beam CT. After image completion they are reviewed by the therapist so the patients position can be adjusted in order for a more accurate treatment to be delivered. All adjustments are made by the treatment couch.

The treatment is delivered quickly , in less than 2 minutes and with just one turn around the patient, it shapes and modulates a highly focused beam so that it targets the tumor precisely, sparing healthy surrounding tissue. It uses pinpoint accuracy and is easier on the patient, who does not have to hold still for long periods of time.

This radiotherapy technology is a new revolution in cancer care. It can treat types of cancer in significantly less time and less damage to healthy tissues, which has been a challenge for years, and the entire treatment is completed with a single rotation of the machine.

Rapid Arch is a new approach to delivering image-guided, intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IG-IMRT). Image guidance tumor targeting, and IMRT shapes the radiation dose so that it conforms closely to the three dimensional shape of the tumor which means more radiation is delivered to the tumor and less to the healthy surrounding tissues. The treatments are fast and time is reduced by about 80%..

Week-end breaks allow normal cells to recover. Other factors come into the recovery time , like the total doses of radiation and the number of treatments a patient needs . All in all Rapid Arch Radiation Therapy with IGRT seems to be the one of the best new ways for cancer treatment.

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