Strange Things in Stomach

According to Fox News Kang Mengru, A one yearl old girl from China is awaiting surgery to remove her parasitic twin found after her stomach began to enlarge.A CT scan discovered the cause of her enlarged belly. While the condition is very rare, Dr. Manny Alvarez, editor of health at Fox, remarked that it was very posssible that’s what this child is carrying. In some cases you could have some sort of merging body parts… like and extra leg or sometimes you have an abnormal formation of the head when you have two brains Dr. Alvarez remarked. From looking at a picture of the girl you could clearly see that it’s a large abdominal mass that could be a remnant of an embryonic lost twin. This is called fetus-in-fetu which you have an encapsulated tumor like formation inside the body which contains fetal parts.Luckily this was dicovered right away or who knows what complications could of developed over time. This is a very shocking revelation. As of now Little Kang Mengru awaits her surgery to remove this very unusual and rare condition.

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