Traveling Radiology Jobs

With the shortage of knowledgeable radiology professionals, some hospitals have resorted to hiring traveling Radiologists to do the work. Traveling Radiology Techs and Radiologists are employed by an agency, for example, StatGroup,LLC, to fill gaps at hospitals and medical imaging centers. The agency will work with you to find out your areas of specialty and cities you would like to visit. You should expect a tenure of three to as long as six months. Those that have a wide variety of skill are sought out so they can assist with radiology tasks such as X-Rays, CT scans Sonograms, and help the staff with additional duties depending on your unique skill set. As a traveling radiology professional, you get the opportunity to work with a wider variety of equipment and cases which allows you to gain new skills and improve existing ones.

Career Profile of a Traveling Radiologist

A traveling Radiologist must be willing to work away from family and be flexible to truly be successful at this job. Some Radiologists, however, are able to take their families with them. Most traveling radiologists tend to be single, which is an ideal situation for someone looking for variety and travel. Flexibility and a sense of adventure is the key here.

Traveling Radiologists control when and where they work and have excellent benefits such as higher earning power, excellent health insurance and holiday pay, not to mention the excitement of going to different places across the country, learning new skills and the possibility of traveling with family.

The Basic requirements don’t differ much from those of a typical radiology career. You need a two or four year degree in radiology for traveling RT jobs or a medical school background for Radiologist M.D.’s. Remember licensing requirements differ by state, so a traveling radiology worker must be fully licensed in order to perform their duties. Having licenses in multiple states can sometimes be tricky, but many have figured out how to make it happen. You must be an independent worker and be able to handle a variety of situations and get to know new and unfamiliar territory.

Some tips for the traveling radiologist is to visit or call the visitors bureau of the city to get the lay out of the land, ask co-workers what the must see places are and PLAN AHEAD.

There is high demand for flexible radiology professionals in the medical field and several radiology schools to get your training from, so if your into traveling, meeting new people, and learning new skills or just enjoy a variety of experiences, a traveling radiology job could be just the ticket for you.

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